Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Harvard Crimson writes up The Chicken Slacks

Thanks to Benjamin Naddaff-Hafrey on this fine article about The Chicken Slacks for the Harvard Crimson. Ben interviews four Slacks players, plus our friend Kit Holliday and founding member Justin Berthiaume. Nice description of The Cantab scene.

Here Ben discusses soul music and cover bands:

          "Soul music, even in its original form, has mostly been played by cover bands. Many soul and Motown greats would cover each others' songs, which in turn were often written by songwriting teams. With the exception of singer-songwriters like Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder, soul and Motown music has always been sung by thrown voices; snatches of melody and refrain that come out of the dance halls and bars through the voice of a singer. So when Valadez talks about "putting a little Chicken Slacks into it," he and his band are essentially doing the same thing with their arrangements that the 'original' artists did. Only they are working decades later and most frequently in a bar where high-definition is something that comes with a channel in the 800s rather than off a vinyl cut from more wax."

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Our first time at Union Street. Gonna be a big bash.

Listen to Brother Wayne on Wednesday, October 24, 12-2:00 PM, for free ticket giveaways! WMBR, 88.1 on your dial.

Thanks to Stephen Bourassa at New England Jazz Productions for the gig!

See you at Union Street Restaurant, 107R Union St, Newton Centre, MA (617) 964 6684!