Thursday, October 30, 2008

Election Special: Ronald Reagan TONIGHT at the Cantab

Ronald Reagan makes a special appearance tonight at our weekly Cantab show, in celebration of the American spirit, and to urge you to GET OUT and VOTE. Come witness the excitement (and music) of trickle-down economics!

Below is the transcription of Reagan's press release regarding this historic moment.

We’re “Ronald Reagan”, Boston’s Premier 80’s Pop Saxophone Duo, and we approved this message:

It seems that with each passing decade, our country has faced increasingly difficult times. But everywhere we go, Kelly and I still hear optimism and hope and strength by focusing our attention exclusively on 80’s pop music. For the past 20 months, we’ve scoured the record bins of this city, and Kelly and I have found so many 80’s pop songs that had real and lasting effects - songs that made a difference in people’s lives. The stories in these songs are American stories, stories that reflected the state of our union in that bygone era. We’d like to introduce you to some of those songs tonight.

And that’s why we’ve paid to bring you a 30 minute set of 80’s pop music, faithful to the original recordings, arranged with attention to each specific detail, for two saxophones, to the Cantab Lounge this evening.

You can catch us at midnight (12:00!) tonight, a pre-election special feature in the Chicken Slacks weekly Thursday night r&b dance party.

So please join us and witness our infommercial-length midnight set, as well as dance the night away (9:30 -1:30!) with the Chicken Slacks Soul Revue

- Alec

Thursday, October 9, 2008

2008 Photo Shoot complete!

The guys all sacrificed a Sunday afternoon last week to complete a much-needed photo shoot. With the addition of Jeremy and Mike to our entourage, the band needed to update it's portfolio. Sunday is usually our designated "day of rest," and with the Patriots pounding the gridiron in San Francisco, and the Red Sox deep in the Division Playoff Series, getting seven guys together to "look pretty and smile" on our usual Sabbath was something of a challenge. But for the 'Slacks, it was just business as usual - get in there and get the job done right. And this time we didn't skimp...

We were lucky enough to retain the services of the great classic rock photographer Ron Pownall, who got his start shooting the Stones in '66 and has since shot everyone from Aerosmith to Dylan to Blondie. We met at his studio in Somerville, where our friends, the lovely Polina and Sara Joy, did their best "make-up artist" impressions and made sure we looked all hot and sexy for the camera. Then Ron started directing us, shuffling us around like a deck of cards, trying different poses and expressions and moods, all the while changing lenses and vantage points and clicking what seemed to be hundreds of shots per second. Then he packed us into several tinted limos (OK, that's not exactly true, we carpooled) and he led us to a few different outdoor locations in Cambridge and Boston, changing outfits in the car and on the sidewalk, and 4 hours and a billion shots later he set us free. By the end of it all we were pretty wiped - it was like a gig, but without the playing. But it was a fun day and it won't be long before we have our pretty powdered mugs and open collars all over billboards in Paris (or at least on our website!). Say CHEESE!