Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A little shameless self-promotion

Gratifying to read recent posts on Yelp about the Slacks at The Cantab Lounge.

“The bar-- Cantab Lounge. The band-- The Chicken Slacks. The day-- Thursday. The night-- Funky. The mood-- Elated. The evening-- oohhhhhh sssoooo grroovvyyyy…”

“Two Words: Diamond D...”

“Everyone should go to Cantab Lounge on Thursday nights. The band, The Chicken Slacks, were far from slackers. Not only did they jam until 2am, but also Jeremy (sax player) could be seen smiling while billowing into his horn…”

“In a phenomenal move of showmanship, Diamond D leaves the stage completely at least a few times and retreats to the back office...then returns minutes later to crazy applause. Serious performers know how to enter and exit a room…”

“You need to come on a Thursday night to be funkified ASAP if you have never been…”

“But for my money, there is undoubtedly no better night of dancing in Boston then the Chicken Slacks on Thursday. This funk-soul outfit brings together twenty-something hipsters, soccer moms, and a plethora of goofily grizzled barflies…”

“On Thursday nights, Cantab Lounge is THE place to be. Why? Two words: Chicken Slacks. ..”

Thanks to all who took the time to be kind!